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Statuts, Ordonnances et Armorial de l'Ordre de la Toison d'Or (Statutes, Ordonnances and armorial of the Order of the Golden Fleece)

Southern Netherlands; 1473. Added sections: Southern Netherlands; 1478 or shortly after and 1491 or shortly after


1 full-page miniature (170x115 mm) with border decoration; 92 miniatures (185/155x120/100 mm); 1 historiated initial (80x90 mm) with border decoration; decorated initials with border decoration (ff.


Presented in 1473 by Gilles Gobet, King of Arms of the Order of the Golden Fleece, to Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and the other Knights during the Chapter of the Order held at Valenciennes; Treasure of the Golden Fleece, Brussls; taken away by the Treasurer C.-F. Humyn (d. 1735) or his daughter C.Ch. de Corte; by legacy to her daughter M.-L. de Corte, wife of Ph.-E. de Poederlé; purchased in 1781 at the Poederlé sale by G.-J- Gérard of Brussels; acquired in 1832 as part of the Gérard collection (no. A 27)


Vellum, ff. 86 (++), 249x187 (167x106) mm, 23 lines, littera cursiva (lettre bourguignonne). French. Binding: 18th-century brown leather

Hier ziet u vanaf nummer 1 tot 40 van 97 illustraties.
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1. Assembly of the Order of the Golden Fleece preside...

2. Chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece

3. The author presents his book to Philip the Good, D...

4. Guillaume de Vienne, Seigneur de Saint-George

5. Regnier Pot, Seigneur de Prugne

6. Jean, Seigneur de Roubaix

7. Roeland of Uitkerke, Seigneur de Hemsrode

8. Antoine de Vergy, Count of Dammartin

9. David de Brimeu, Seigneur de Ligny

10. Hue de Lannoy, Seigneur de Santes

11. Jean, Seigneur de Comines

12. Antoine de Toulonjon, Marshal of Burgundy

13. Pierre de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol

14. Jean de la Trémoille, Seigneur de Jonvelle

15. Guilbert de Lannoy, Seigneur de Villerval

16. Jean de Luxembourg, Count of Ligny

17. Jean de Villers, Seigneur de Isle-Adam

18. Antoine, Seigneur de Croy, Count of Porcéan

19. Florimond de Brimeu, Seigneur de Massincourt

20. Robert, Seigneur de Masmines

21. Jacques de Brimeu, Seigneur de Grigny

22. Baudouin de Lannoy, Seigneur de Molembaix

23. Pierre de Bauffremont, Count of Charny

24. Philippe, Seigneur de Ternant

25. Jean de Croy, Count of Chimay

26. Jean, Seigneur de Créquy

27. Jean de Neufchƒtel, Seigneur de Montagu

28. Frédéric, Count of Meurs

29. Simon de Lalaing, Seigneur de Santes

30. André de Toulonjon

31. Jean de Melun, Seigneur d'Antoing

32. Jacques, Seigneur de Crèvecoeur

33. Jean de Vergy, Seigneur de Fouvans

34. Guy de Pontailler, Seigneur de Tallemé

35. Baudot de Noyelles-Wion, Seigneur de Casteau

36. Jean, Seigneur de Hautbourdin

37. Charles de Bourgogne, Count of Charolais

38. Ruprecht, Count of Virnenburg

39. Thiebault de Neufchƒtel

40. Charles, Duke of Orleans and Valois